Give Your Pet the Ultimate Luxury Bed

Everyone loves their bed, whether it’s to have a lounge for a few moments or to get a good nights rest. Your pooch is no different….there are so many reasons for your pet to have a bed whether its Summer or Winter. They can provide cushioning and comfort and protection from injury, especially for the older dog, or a pet with arthritis. Beds will provide pain relief and joint support. They control loose hair, keep your pets warm, and most of all are a place for your pet to retreat and feel safe and secure no matter what time of day.

We supply the ULTIMATE in luxury, the RED DINGO Donut Bed. Your pooch will love you for this purchase, and have a wide range of quality Rogz Spice Podz Beds.

The Spice Podz are available in a wide range of bright colours, and 3 sizes to suit your pets needs. They are water resistant, and made with a quality material that will not rip easily. Zip of covers for easy machine wash to keep your pets zzzz’s haven smelling fresh.

We can ship anywhere in Australia, so treat your pet today!

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