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Dress Your Dog with a Stylish Pet Tag

Every dog has a unique personality. Some are smart and watchful. Some are reserved and graceful. Some are goofballs whose antics make us smile. Your dog is unique, and his collar tag should be too!

Just like people use jewellery to express their personality, you can use your dog’s tag to express hers. At, you can see a wide selection of different styles to find the one that catches your eye. There is a colourful glitterati tag for the chic dog. There is the simple, but elegant diamante tag for the refined dog, and there is the classic bone or heart-shaped dog tags for the traditional dog.

We make each tag with quality material that wears well with age. We even make some with Swarovski Zirconias, a beautiful and durable synthetic crystalline substance.

After you find a tag style you love, you can personalise it with safety information. In the event your dog gets lost, people can look at the tag to find the address to bring him home. Our company also operates one of the biggest trophy shops in Australia, and our experienced engravers will produce quality work. Best of all, the engraving is free.

We value dog safety above all else, which is why we offer QR tags. A unique QR code is imprinted on the tag and connected to a free PetHub website. Anyone can scan the code to bring up your pet’s profile, which includes important information like address, medical condition, emergency contact, and even veterinarian information. It allows you to provide more valuable information on your pet than you can fit onto the tag itself.

Our company has been producing pet tags since 2002. We ship our tags across the world, so go ahead and order yours today.

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