Red Dingo Cat Tags- Free Engraving


Give Your Cat the Gift of a Stylish Pet Tag

Cats are animals that pride themselves on being independent. They live in their own world by their own rules, and do what they want when they want. Each cat has a unique and bold personality, which is why we love them. Express your cat’s individuality with a stylish pet tag. has been creating personalised pet tags since 2002. We love designing a variety of options so you can find the one that fits your cat the best. The vibrant glitter filled tag is perfect for a diva cat. The brass heart tag is ideal for a family cat. The sleek diamante bird tag complements a graceful cat, and the pink tag with a cartoon of a sleeping cat dreaming of fish looks awesome on a playful cat. Whatever your cat’s personality, and your sense of style, you can find a perfect tag among our selection.

Each tag is made with high quality materials. We want your tag to last for a long time, through the wear and tear of daily life. For some cats, that is adventuring through the woods and climbing trees. For other cats, it is napping in the sunbeam on the carpet. No matter your cat’s lifestyle, we want his tag to last.

The safety of your cat is also important, which is why you need a tag with valuable identifying information if your cat gets lost. Each tag comes with free engraving to include your contact information. If your cat gets lost, anyone can look at the tag to find your phone number and address and make sure your cat gets home safe. Our company also runs one of Australia’s biggest trophy shops, so our engravers know how to engrave with quality.

We ship tags to cat lovers all over the world, so order your stylish pet tag today.

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  • Enamel Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Glitterati
  • Diamante